West Ham selects an ex-adult movie star as Director

In a move that divides supporters of the club, West Ham has just selected a former porn producer on its board. This appointment comes as a continued reorganization of the London—based club continues.

Retired Porn star to be a board member at West Ham

London’s football club West Ham United has made Eve Vorley, a former director of x-rated movies like Lesbian students nurses and Hot Housewives, on the job. Eve, whose actual name is Emma Benton—Hughes, is also a partner of the chairman of West Ham.


It seems Eve is now going to be involved in the everyday running of the club’s operations. West Ham sits presently at 10th on the Premier League table. Vorley, who will be 56 yrs this year, was a former page 3 lady and directed a plethora of porn movies over a decade ago.


The porn entertainment sector is where the partner Sullivan made a fortune for himself. He is present worth about 1.2 billion dollars, according to The Sunday Times. The appointment of Eve Vorley also came along with the selection of Sullivan’s son Dave. Jack, who is his other son, is presently the MD of the female division of West Ham.

West Ham movement to London stadium yet to get them success

In 2011, Sullivan, David Gold, and Karen Brady took over the operations of the London—based club and made it possible for the movement of the club from their former stadium to the new one. However, it seems this movement hasn’t gotten the club the success they cherish so much.


However, the owner hopes that under the tutelage of the current manager, David Moyes, they will succeed. Although they sit presently mid-table, they are not far off to 4th place Tottenham, with just three points separating them. Their next match is on Sunday, where they will play against struggling Burnley at home.