Cadillac reveals the UMM CADILLAC model of flying cars at CES 2021

Technology has shown that nothing is impossible with the right preparation and finance. General Motors has talked about its intention to create flying cars in the foreseeable future at the just concluded CES meeting.

Flying cadillacs possible in the future

This year’s pageant of technology innovation popularly called the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) went all digital due to the covid-19 pandemic. However, it didn’t impede the showcasing of various models prototypes, and products that will inspire those interested in the tech genre. A major fallout of this event is a flying car prototype.


General Motors who own Cadillac has never stopped thinking ahead of its peers with a driverless and flying car model. It has different versions and designs for its airborne cars, self-navigating pods, and exclusive vehicle concepts. In their address during the virtual meeting yesterday, they revealed some innovative concepts they are working on from their halo portfolio.

These futuristic flying vehicles come in unique designs

Cardillac’s first model is a state-of-the-art, egg-shaped, personal autonomous car (PAC) that can drive itself. Another of their innovations is a single-seat, petite, electric vertical takeoff, and landing (EVTOL) innovation like what is seen in James Bond’s movies.

The Cadillac PAV design looks like a VIP semi-limo with features that guarantee comfort for those that can afford it.

The engineering shows it will come without a wheel and pedals.

However, it will include voice recognition, sign recognition algorithm, and biometric sensors that work with climate control and aromatherapy. General Motors vice president in charge of worldwide designs Michael Simcoe explained that their model is designed for people who need to spend personal time together.


This move is GM’s first move into aerial technologies and design practices and will only be available in customized editions and not to the public. It has a 90kwh battery capacity which uses four rotors and cruises in speed ranging about 58 miles per hour.