Hosting in Hong Kong: what are the pros and the cons?

Are you a web entrepreneur ? Do you need your website to be more visible and get more traffic on it? You can try to make the Asian market your own by targeting Hong Kong, the crossroads city. That will make you very close to success, but it also has bad faces you should explore before getting started.

Advantages of hosting in Hong Kong

China is one of the largest countries in the world with big and developed cities which make a large audience, like Hong Kong. Known as the Special Administrative Region of China, this city is a real tourist and financial, but also industrial center. This is the reason why it is a must see city on the Asian continent, and the first city in Asia for web hosting.

If you choose a good Hong Kong web hosting service like the one KoDDoS offer, you can only benefit from many advantages of hosting your web enterprise in Hong Kong.

First, your website is strongly secured against spamming and DDoS attacks that are a real concern nowadays. Your Hong Kong web host provides you with highly performant servers and data centers that allow you a great loading speed. This will surely increase the user experience of your internet users. The risks of being blocked by Chinese authorities are also minimized.

Another advantage is that web hosting services and domains are the cheapest, compared to other hosting services in European countries and in the USA. Support service is also available, 24/7.

Apart from that, you do not need to get an Internet Content Provider license (ICP) before reaching your Chinese customers. This is a certificate granted by the Chinese state that allows websites based in China to operate. Admittedly, getting a ICP license number is not very easy and it takes time, and the Chinese state may block your site if you don't have one or if you don't comply with the policy.

The disadvantages of hosting in Hong Kong

Actually, there are very few disadvantages to web hosting in Hong Kong, especially if KoDDoS is your offshore web host. Still, you might have a bad hosting experience in Hong Kong if you choose an unsuitable web host.