US places Cuba among state-sponsored terrorism nations

Few days to the inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden, the administration of President Trump has placed Cuba on nations that sponsor terrorism. This was done partly because of its close relations with the Venezuelan leader, who is considered a terrorist sponsor.

Cuba now part of countries labeled terrorist-sponsored country

The United States of America has put Cuba on the list of nations that sponsor terrorist acts, claiming the nation backs Venezuela which is known to back terrorism. This is among the resolutions made by President Trump just some days before he leaves office.


Although, President-elect Joe Biden has argued that he wants his administration to have a positive relationship with Cuba. In a tense statement, Cuba slammed this decision as a political opportunity for President Trump.


President Trump’s decision will likely hamper some lofty ideas by the incoming president. It is not yet clear which number Cuba will be on the list and these will need an official review which could take some time.

Cuba’s relationship with President Maduro, reason for the decision

In 2016, this communist nation was removed by the administration of ex-president Barack Obama, however, the Trump administration has always taken a stiffer stance with Cuba. The sole decision according to presidential officials was the support Cuba gives Venezuela president Nicolás Maduro who remains unrecognized by the US.


The official statement by the US Secretary reads:


“ Cuba will always be held accountable for all its action, that is why this decision was made. It should send a message that the Cuban regime must stop its support for all forms of terrorist acts and avoiding justice from the US.”'


Cuba foreign affairs minister, Bruno Rodriguez replied on Twitter:


“This action by the US is unacceptable, and it is condemned. The qualifications of Cuba as a huge sponsor of terrorism by us smirks of hypocrisy and deceit.