Costa Rica Real Estate Get It While You Can!

It used to be that when Americans thought of places to purchase foreign real estate, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and maybe even Mexico came to mind. Today, those are all still excellent places to own land?if you can afford it. However, if you?re just now throwing your hat into the foreign real estate market ring?especially if you?re not working with a millionaire?s budget?Costa Rica is going to be a far better buy.

Costa Rica is an excellent place to invest because of a number of factors. Here?s a look at the top three

#3 Costa Rica?s economy is strong. Major corporations are opening offices in Costa Rica, tourism is up, and Costa Rica?s export industry is thriving. That?s all in spite of the fact that most people still think of Costa Rica as a non-progressive, second world country like some of the other Latin American countries. Imagine how interests will grow as people learn how much of an economic powerhouse Costa Rica really is!

#2 Costa Rica an exceptional location. It may be similar to the other locations I mentioned above but it?s definitely not the same. It?s a tropical atmosphere with city and rural areas, unmatched biodiversity, and a government that encourages both real estate investment and entrepreneurship.

#1 Investing in Costa Rica real estate just makes financial sense. In fact, the overall reason that Costa Rica is a better buy comes down to pure economics. Supply is high and demand is moderate, so Costa Rica land can be (and is being) sold at bargain prices. Investors can currently buy land in Costa Rica for 50% to 75% less than what an equivalent purchase would cost in the United States or a tropical locale. Plus, those who do invest in Costa Rica real estate typically see a significant return on that investment in 24 months or less.

You will get more land (or property) for your money in Costa Rica. You will see larger returns in less time on Costa Rica real estate. The key, however, is to buy smart and buy soon. After all, it?s only a matter of time before undeveloped land becomes sparse and prices skyrocket. Remember Once upon a time, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, and the Bahamas had investment opportunities like those currently available in Costa Rica. Now you?d pay out the ?wazoo? to own property there!

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